Mag Wheelz is the result of purposeful innovation.


We wanted to create an alternative to what currently saturates the wheel market; aluminum-based wheels.

Years in the making, Mag Wheelz is a carefully curated line of Magnesium wheels. Our select lineup gives the average driver a chance to experience first-class riding at an exceptional price point, without
relinquishing quality.

Read on to understand why we insisted on Magnesium and our meticulous forging process.

Mag Wheelz 17 inch forged magnesium alloy wheel on black background

why we chose


Mg alloys are the lightest metal material for engineering. When used in vehicle infrastructure, the lighter frame equates desirable benefits such as: 

  • Reduced emissions

  • Vibration dampening

  • Shock absorption

  • Excellent tire heat dissipation

  • Size stability during fluctuations in temp

  • Decreased fuel consumption

These elements work together to create a more comfortable riding condition for drivers and passengers.

how it's made


Each Mag Wheelz is forged from select Magnesium  (Mg)  alloys. To provide a consistent, quality product, each unit undergoes multiple stages of stress testing. These tests ensure Mag Wheelz' performance under severe conditions and longevity. 

At the end of production, all Mag Wheelz are rated to perform through every season and provide durability during harsh conditions.

not sure which wheelz fit?

We created a fitment calculator to help you figure out what size wheels your vehicle is compatible with. You should always double check with a professional before making customizations to your vehicle.